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Phantom GymX Crush Blue Muscle Fit Tee- Sale

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Phantom Series:  Experience Athletic Performance

Train like an athlete in our most advanced workout series ever.

This is series is customized to deliver unmatched performance. Made in mobility apparels, our fabric improves functional movement to support the most physically demanding workouts.

This is due to our flex dry fit technology, providing incredible stretch with quick sweat absorbing capabilities. Yes, summer doesn’t stand a chance.


  • Dry Fit: 1.5X sweat absorption
  • Flex Fit: Highly stretchable
  • Light weight fabric


  • Muscle Fit:  Fitted from sleeves, tapered from waist
  • Advanced Seams: High quality stitching
  • Soft Feel

Model size: GymX Athlete is 5'9" tall, chest size 42, 78 kgs, wearing Large

Colour: Sapphire Blue

Exchange policy: We do exchange if you have any size issues.

Sizes (inches)

Small: 36-38 chest Length 28

Medium: 39-40 Chest Length 29

Large: 41-42 Chest Length 30

Extra Large: 43-44 Chest Length 31

Extra Extra Large: 45-46 Chest Length 32

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